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28 Dec

ROCK ON @Emminsofficial (MR PROLIFIC on #iTunes )

  If you haven’t heard Emmins before, you are in for a treat, if you have, but missed how much music he created in 2011, then hold on tight!

For those who don’t know, a little excerpt from his BIO on his website 

MARK EMMINS, Former lead vocalist with UK rockers BLACKREIGN who were highly visable in the early 90′s, Is back with a solo career, and creating an impression all over the Globe. 

Mark is regularly featured on Podshows and national radio which is quite an achievement for an artist that is unsigned Mark was recently nominated for 2 awards in the Exposure Music Awards held in April 2009 

Mark returned to Music in 2008 with an impressive 15 Albums hitting the internet with the promise of many more to come. 

” My songs are my life and I want my life documented, as Music is all I know and understand, I use it to comunicate my thoughts and my life so that I can share it with everyone” .

  Mark Emmins sets GOALS, and he will push himself to the breaking point to meet those goals. First goal for 2011 was to break the 2010 donation total of £1000 as outlined in my post July 20th. Instead of a 10 hour marathon of Ink, 2011 was to tattoo his entire body. Have not heard a grand total as yet, but it should meet his goal.
  His second goal for 2011 was to release SIX albums to iTunes, and he did just that!

March 13 marked the release of STAIRWAY TO DEVON

along with the Single release WE CAN MAKE IT.

May 6th marked the release of EMPIRE

August 17 saw MR PROLIFIC released to iTunes.

DEDICATION was released September 27.

November 15 saw AWAY FROM THE CIRCUS

And the final release for 2011, WOLF STAR

Check them all out, and ROCK ON with Emmins.
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21 Nov

Simcoe, Ontario’s own @MorbidNorth ROCKIN’ #Canada

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With band members Mike Swanzey; Lead\Rhythm Guitar,Lead\Harmony Vocals.
Dan MacDonald;Drums,Harmony\Lead Vocals.
Cody Wood;Rhythm\Lead Guitar.
This band just plain ROCKS! Real tight set, some cool harmonies, and execution of each track to a tee! Deserving of some major play, and a credit to their talent.